Face covering in AFCRD away colours 


AFC Pin Badge

Enamel pin badge with AFCR&D club badge

Buff Tote bag

Tote bag with Club badge



White AFCRD mug

Ceramic white mug with Club badge



AFCRD Travel mug

Travel mug with AFCRD Club logo on both sides



AFCRD nylon wallet

Nylon wallet with Club badge



'I am Rushden' keyring

Branded 'I am Rushden' metal key ring


AFCRD branded bottle opener

Metal bottle opener decorated in the Club badge.



Lanyard - Blue

AFC branded lanyard with club badge and website address.

Beermats (10)

Pack of 10 AFC beermats
Club badge on front, club information on reverse.


Retractable Pen with clip
Branded wih AFC Rushden & Diamonds

AFC R&D Pencil

Pencil with rubber
Branded wih AFC Rushden & Diamonds

AFC R&D Pennant

Hanging pennant with club badge, motto, website address and
twitter account.

Decorated with top rod, hanger and fringe.

AFC Badge Car Sticker

Round Car/Window sticker featuring Club badge.

Don't Follow Me... Car Sticker

Car/Window sticker with Club badge and "Don't Follow Me,
Follow AFC R&D" slogan.

AFC Badge Sticker

Round sticker featuring Club badge.